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Hinwick Hall College

Hinwick, Wellingborough



This was a residential educational establishment comprising 15 separate buildings that closed in July 2014. As a large rambling site in a secluded location bordered by open farmland on two sides, it posed a wide variety of security issues; the insurers were concerned about the site being the target of a planned attack. After three visits with the owners, we proposed a solution that was both suitable and practical.


Working with the insurers, RemoteZone implemented a robust and effective solution, comprising a combination of physical and electronic security measures. This included securing the various vehicle access points, a number of RemoteZone temporary monitored alarm systems to protect specific buildings, and utilising the existing on-site Panasonic CCTV system. The CCTV system required the renewal of certain faulty and redundant equipment to bring it back to full working order, but then provided 24/7 recorded images of the vulnerable external areas of the site. Twelve property guardians were recruited to live in one building (St Giles House), located nearest the main road, to ensure vehicles and people could be observed both arriving and departing, and while on the site.


This combination of security measures proved to be the correct choice and the site did not suffer any internal security breaches. The property was subsequently sold and handed over to the new owner in November 2015.

The site continues to have RemoteZone protection to the main hall, with property guardians in the building at the front of the site, while the new owner completes the planning and development of the site.

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